Parents/Carers can be involved in your child’s education in so many ways from our ‘Stay & Play’ Roster, fundraising activities, sharing special skills, multicultural sharing and being part of our committee of management.

For our Committee Meetings Dates click here : Committee Meeting Dates

Some parents have or have had occupations or hobbies that would interest the children, e.g. nursing, hairdressing, fire fighting, playing a musical instrument, and painting.  We would love to have you come along and talk to us about these special interests throughout the year.This sharing of knowledge and skills creates a unique and extraordinary educational experience for your child and their friends attending. Through the contribution of your time and knowledge you are giving our program something money can’t buy.

Parents are welcome to observe sessions at any time, but please arrange this with the teacher first.


To enable the children to fully benefit from their preschool year we ask parents and carers to become involved with their child’s education. Carers can come along to one of their child’s sessions and help participate in assisting the teachers, which also enables your child to carry out more activities:  Without the help of parents, children are limited to fewer activities.

All parent/carers attending will need to have a Working With Children’s card as All Saints Preschool wishes to create the optimal safe conditions for our students. This card can be obtained as a volunteer status, free of charge. For more information and to apply click the link below.

Your child looks forward to seeing their mum, dad, grandparents, uncle, aunt, or carer participate in their preschool life.

At All Saints we love offering the opportunity to run an indoor/outdoor program. Unfortunately it is difficult to meet the supervising requirements of our regulations for this to occur. When we have two parent helpers assist at the onetime this allows for the opportunity of an indoor/outdoor program at the staff’s discretion.

We understand that this experience may be overwhelming for some, but you will enjoy your time as much as the child.

Some steps that may help you whilst helping us:

  • Sit & help at an activity/experience as requested by a staff member
  • Encourage children to help pack away
  • Enjoy your morning tea & lunch with the children, encouraging conversation, manners, appropriate behaviour…etc

A full Helpers List is located at the kindergarten.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our Educators.

Siblings, toddlers and babies are also welcome with the parent helper.