All Saints Preschool Is An Independently Parent Run Preschool.

Our Committee of Management is responsible for the management of the kindergarten (although the day to day organising is done by the director).

We are also a not for profit business where all profits get put back into the kindergarten. The committee handles all major decisions and purchases and is responsible for the direction of the kindergarten.  The committee employs and supports the educators and staff, and among other things, handles the payment of bills, salaries, purchasing of equipment, liaison with other committees and council, and the maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

Members of the Committee of Management are elected at the Annual General Meeting.  However, some positions may become vacant during the year – see newsletters or whiteboard.

A position in the committee can be exciting and interesting.  It can be a way to meet new friends; it gives you the opportunity to be involved in your child’s first formal education experience and is a community service.  It also encourages the sharing of our knowledge (which many of us never thought we had), ideas and skills with others.

For our Committee Meetings Dates click here : Committee Meeting Dates

Involvement with the committee also provides the opportunity to learn meeting procedures, which will prove invaluable in other involvements you will have with your child – school and sporting committees etc.

Guidelines in the conduct of the meetings will be provided for new committee members, and help is always available from previous members, some of whom may be returning for a second year on the committee.